L&H Station

2225 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN

Landon Group secured financing

Deferred financing from Metropolitan Council

  • 114 affordable rental units
  • $18.3 million total development cost
  • Frana Companies Inc.
  • BKV Group

L&H Station was the first phase of housing on one of the largest transit-oriented development (TOD) redevelopment areas in the City of Minneapolis. Developed by Launch Properties and Saturday Properties, L&H Station was completed in 2015 and catalyzed subsequent development on this underutilized 6.5-acre parcel.

L&H Station is comprised of 114 units of affordable, workforce housing affordable to households with incomes at or below 80% of AMI. The building design and pedestrian amenities incorporate TOD design principals to activate the street and create intentional connections to transit.  Sidewalks along the site are enhanced by pedestrian scale lighting, pedestrian furniture, and appealing landscaping which vastly improves the pedestrian experience and draws pedestrians to and through this site in route to the transit plaza.

Large picture windows on the first floor and balconies create greater connectivity between the interior and exterior of the development. At the main entrance is an at-grade plaza, furnished with benches for residents to enjoy the outdoors and for the public to rest when waiting for the bus or train.