Bridge For Youth

1111 22nd Street West, Minneapolis, MN

Landon Group secured financing

Grants and deferred loans from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, Minnesota Housing, City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Family Housing Fund, many foundations and philanthropic groups

The Bridge for Youth (The Bridge) serves youth in crisis (ages 10-17) and their families. As the only provider effectively serving unaccompanied youth as young as 10, The Bridge plays an essential role in preventing longer-term youth homelessness. The Bridge reaches more homeless youth under the age of 18 than any other agency in the Twin Cities. Last year, The Bridge served nearly 300 unaccompanied youth ages 15 or younger, representing one-third of their client population. The average age of a youth in the program is 15 years old.

Landon Group began working with The Bridge in 2007, securing over $6 million for the development of a new facility located at 22nd Street and Emerson Avenue. The Bridge is a three-story building with a full basement and elevator, containing the 24 units of transitional and emergency housing for youth, as well as all the administrative and social service spaces for the programming.