Kathleen Castle

Kathleen Castle joined Landon Group in 2021 as a Senior Development Associate. Kathleen works with clients on affordable housing projects from the initial stages of development through project management to closing.   As part of this work, she assists clients with the preparation and submittal of funding applications to Minnesota Housing and other agencies to secure financing needed for affordable housing projects.

Kathleen developed an interest in affordable housing through her work in community development at the municipal and county government levels.  Through her experience as a City Planner, she is well versed in land use planning, housing and economic development.  She has worked on high-profile complex commercial and residential projects involving new construction and redevelopment, some of which required financial assistance for affordable housing. 

Kathleen holds a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from St. Catherine’s University.  

Currently, she volunteers with the Rondo Community Land Trust serving on the Board as the Secretary.   Other activities she enjoys include cycling, kayaking, artwork, renovation projects and going “up north”.