Casey Harris

Casey Harris joined Landon Group in 2020 as a Senior Development Associate. Casey brings over five years of affordable housing experience in various states including California, Minnesota, and Texas.

At Landon Group, Casey works closely with clients on a wide range of development activities, including site selection, acquisition, entitlements, financing, design and construction management, and closing. Prior to Landon Group, Casey worked at both for-profit and non-profit developers on a wide range of tax credit transactions. Casey has secured funding from multiple sources including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Tax Increment Financing, Federal Home Loan Bank, DEED, and various other local and state funds.

Casey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Master of Architecture from the University of California at Los Angeles. Casey is involved in several local real estate organizations including Urban Land Institute and MNCREW.

In her free time, Casey enjoys exploring Minnesota and visiting her family in Southern California, especially throughout the winter.